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7 Tips On a Perfect Kiss

Kissing is often an overlooked art when it comes to seducing your partner. Obviously there are many types of kisses and they can be used in different settings. Here are some kisses that are used with partners.

Greeting kisses with your partner

  • The hello kiss: A quick kiss on the lips which says 'hey babe, how was your day'.
  • The hello kiss +: A bit longer than the hello kiss, this kiss says 'hey babe, I was thinking about you today (eyebrows raised).
  • Not even in the door kiss: A passionate kiss which says, well! It kind of speaks for itself.

Lounging about the house kisses:
  • Just a quick kiss: A quick kiss just to remind them you love them
  • Kids are out playing kiss: A longer kiss followed by the words 'the kids are out playing.................'
  • You're getting it tonight kiss: passionate, playful, long and hard saying 'I'm horny!!!'
  • Just before sleep kiss: A quick peck on the cheek or lips to say 'goodnight babe'.

Making love kisses:
  • Thank god, the painters have left kiss: Menstrual cycle is over and it's time to get back on track
  • I really want you kiss: long, passionate, all over the face type of kiss saying 'I'm hungry'
  • The spiritual kiss: slow, long, softer, passionate which says 'I love you on a deeper level'
There are a million more types of kisses I've only named 10 of our most popular, sorry! 10 of the most popular ones I have read about and seen on TV. But, what makes a good kiss? How can you improve your kissing? Here are 7 tips to make that perfect kiss:
  1. Men: Have a good shave, by this I mean a close shave. Women prefer passionate kissing when the man has had a close shave rather than the man with stubble.
  2. An obvious one this but do not eat strong tasting foods like curry or garlic, unless your partner is eating it too.
  3. Do not kiss your partner if you have a mouth infection of any kind, viruses can be carried through the saliva when kissing.
  4. Make use of your partners body and kiss them all over, kissing is not just meant for the mouth.
  5. Vary your kisses from soft, long kisses to hard and passionate kisses
  6. Kiss with your eyes open and maintain eye contact, most people close their eyes when kissing, so keeping your eyes open can be different and fun.
  7. Do it in private. Most people hate seeing other people kissing in public. I don't mean the quick pecks I mean the passionate 'I really want you kiss'. Have you ever seen this in the high street, it's gross. Leave the passionate kisses in the privacy of your home or where nobody can see you.

How To Kiss Passionately

Kissing passionately embodies an expression of love and compassion. Once you truly enjoy your partner nothing speaks volumes like a passionate kiss. The kiss becomes a reflection of that emotion.

A significant factor to learn is not just how to kiss, but to kiss passionately and it starts with understanding how to read someone's body language and making eye contact. Most people believe you are expected to close your eyes the entire time you're kissing. This is not always true as I will explain a little later on. Their is so many different opinions on the correct or right way to kiss, but if your expressing yourself with a tender and gentle kiss that leads-into a really passionate kiss. Then you really can't go wrong.

Kissing is one of the most pleasing moments someone can find themselves in. The kissing process can go in many different directions, so knowing what to do is very important. When you are in a loving relationship, sharing a passionate kiss with your partner is just about the best feeling in the world. When that special kiss takes place, you find your emotions and thoughts in a whole new part of your mind. Kissing can come unexpectedly. You might not know when it's going to happen, but if you're prepared it makes all the difference.

Here are a few tips on how to kiss passionately.

1. Butterfly kisses: Kissing along the cheek and then slowly moving your head into a position so that your eyelashes are brushing across their cheek.

2. When kissing have your lips slightly a part and press every so gently against their lips. Slightly angle your head to one side to avoid bumping noses.

3. Kissing isn't confined to lips only. Meaning you don't have to only kiss on the lips to make it passionate. You can kiss other parts of the face and neck. Just remember to relax and don't force the kiss. Let it happen naturally.

4. Now as for your eyes being open or closed just keep them open every so slightly in tell you make actual lip contact. This way you don't completely miss and start kissing their chin or ear. Not that kissing their chin or ear is wrong, in fact its great, but if your going for a kiss on the lips, its just that. A kiss the lips. Then once your kissing, go ahead and start kissing other parts of the face slowly and gently.

Once you begin kissing keep your eyes closed so that you can get lost in the moment. Having your eyes wide open while kissing can look pretty scary, being that you're so close to one another. This is not to say you should never open your eyes. Just make sure when you do open your eyes while kissing that your eyes open ever so slightly then slowly closing them again in tell the kiss is finished.

The art of being a passionate kisser is something that should be enjoyable and pleasurable. Kissing will help to keep the romance and relationship on the track towards love. By Learning some wonderful kissing techniques and tips, it will most certainly guarantee, that you'll become a wonderful and passionate kisser.

The Right Time For The First Kiss

The perfect time will never come if you wait for it; you need to make it happen. When you first start dating someone you should start getting them used to your touch. A lot of girls are surprised (not in a good way) when a guy out of nowhere just kisses them. What you want to do is work up to that. Here are three easy ways to begin working up to it. (There are more, but I'll give you the simplest). You should also be having fun while talking and getting to know each other.

1. When going into or leaving any place with a door, open the door and step aside to let her go through first. Now, place your hand on her lower back and gently guide her through. Keep the hand there only for a second, just long enough to lead her.

2. Whenever you are just standing still and want to go somewhere else, use this. For example, you are at an art gallery on a date looking at a sculpture. Look around for something interesting and then you take her hand as you start to walk off and say "let's go take a look at that". Just don't let go for a little while. You are now holding hands.

3. As you sit getting to know each other better, you can take her hand in yours. After a little while you can then lift her hand towards your lips and place a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.

Now that she's getting used to your touch, look for signals that she would like you to kiss her. A great one is that while talking she looks at your lips for 1-2 seconds and then back up to your eyes. You can even use this. While looking into her eyes look at her lips for a second and then look back at her eyes and see if you get a good reaction.

Small breaks in conversation where she stares into your eyes are also good signs. She is waiting for you to make your move so go for it. Take her hand into yours and make eye contact. With your other hand you can then move her hair out of the way or if her hair is in a pony tail you can touch her cheek. If you're not comfortable with that then take both her hands in yours and then slowly lean in for the kiss.

Now, since you are taking steps she will get the message that a kiss is coming. At anytime if she doesn't want the kiss she will just have to move away and you'll get the message. Her moving away is not the end of the world. But it can feel like it if you didn't prepare her and just out of no where tried to kiss her. Out of no where can create bad emotions towards you in her mind, and we want to prevent that at all costs.

As a man you are still expected to be the one that makes the moves. If you don't progress physically then you are basically sending signals that will put you in the friend zone. You need to show her that you like her "that way". Be smart though, I am not saying grope her and be all hands, but you still need to move forward.

Kissing A Beautiful Women

If you've seen the movie Hitch, I'm sure you'll know that many women think of the future of their relationship basing it on their first kiss. So providing that perfect first kiss can be quite a bit of a challenge for all you men out there. That is why this article's going to teach you, how to kiss a beautiful woman.

• Create some tension. You might be just waiting and raring up to plant that kiss on the woman. But try and be patient for a bit. Get really close to her but wait a little before you land one on her. This makes a huge impact for the kiss. You might wait for a few dates and then kiss or kiss on the first date. But that little tension that you create makes the most amazing kiss.

• Then next part is to kiss a beautiful woman using your eyes. But I don't really mean this in the literal senses. If you keep your eyes open while kissing the woman is going to get quite irritated. If you pay attention to the woman that you are kissing, she will feel good. It will make her feel beautiful also.

• Now the next point is to respond to her movements. If she gets assertive, you get assertive too. The aggression which you will show will surely be appreciated. So make sure that whatever she does, you respond in the same way.

• The next part is to use the entire body. The mouth isn't the only part of the body which is available for kissing. Stroke her face or hold her tightly with your arms. But make then make sure that you are respectful enough.

• You can also try of new and improved positions for kissing a beautiful woman. The same old pose is quite boring. If you try new things like kissing her from the back or upside down and so on. It is going to keep things spiced up. You can also try kissing her back, neck or palms and so on.

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